Two of the most abused parts of our body are our feet. But a lot of us tend to miss the importance of foot health until we begin to experience problems. And in most cases, the culprit is lack of knowledge. We just don't know the proper ways of caring for our feet.


For the most part, as stated by a chiropodist colchester, foot care is really about common sense, except when there is an underlying medical condition such as diabetes. Generally though, neglecting your feet can expose you to risks of infection and diseases that are potentially dangerous.


All of us need to care for our feet, but women, especially those who adore fashion, just probably have to give theirs extra attention. How many times have you heard about women with blisters and bunions squeezed excruciatingly into high heels? Even men can have a similar problem wearing pointy shoes. You'll be surprised how much you can help your feet just by choosing the right footwear. Low-heeled shoes with round toes are always the best. Any heel higher than 3 inches is very tough on the ball of your foot. If you're flat-footed, get shoes with good arch support.


Foot problems come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most commonly experienced is athlete's s foot. Behind this condition is a fungus called Trichophyton, which thrives in warm and moist feet, thus its name. If left untreated, athlete's foot can spread to the upper layer of the skin, causing itchiness, burning or even bleeding. The moment infection sets in, bullous tinea pedis, a type of blister, is expected to develop.


Athlete's foot is a preventable condition for people who know how to practice good hygiene, including thorough washing and drying of feet and a sensible choice of footwear (for example, wearing shoes made form "breathable" materials like leather). Anti-fungal cream and foot powder can help, but not topical steroids which only make the fungus multiply. One household treatment that works is soaking the foot in a four-part water, one-part vinegar solution.


Of course, clipping your toenails already makes a great difference. But it's important to be careful while doing it, if only to avoid cutting yourself and getting an infection. Worse, you could get ingrown nails that need to be surgically treated. And another thing for ladies - or even the men: don't hide discolored or cracked nails with polish as it could only worsen the problem.


If you run, walk or jog as your exercise, you're actually putting your feet under a lot of stress. Heel pain is one of the most common problems you might develop, and it's caused by a condition called plantar fasciitis. Overdoing your routine could also give you tendonitis. Toe pain usually results from too small running shoes, and can lead to blisters or nail blackening or falling off.


There are numerous other problems that can affect anyone under the right conditions. The main point we should all understand is, our feet also require care. If you need to visit a colchester foot clinic, you can check the given link for information about it.